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Take back control

8 minute read

On how algorithms make us angrier, and what we can do about it. Earlier this year, I published a paper on the role of algorithms in digital media. It explains how letting algorithms decide what is news (rather than journalists) changes the information we see. There is no way to avoid automated filtering: there is simply too much information in the pipes for humans to manage by themselves. The problem...

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On male privilege and networks

5 minute read

A friend of mine asked me to share this story with you. And by “you” I mean “people that look like me”, or “men”. Specifically, men who don’t recognize that male privilege is an issue that needs to be actively fought against, and that men need to make and leave space for women because of how incredibly much the deck is stacked in favor of the Y chromosome.

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Ground control to major IP violation

2 minute read

A couple of days ago, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield — pictured here while winning “happiest man alive” contest — had to remove his cover of David Bowies’ “Space Oddity” from the Youtubes. It seems that “Bowies’ people” (and here I’m imagining a rugby team of slick, black-haired, business-attired white males in their forties on bluetooths or those big GSM phones from before you were even born) only gave Hadfield permission...

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